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Terrier Technologies Ltd. Services

At Terrier Technologies, we're aware that computers are simply a tool to assist police officers in performance of their duties. We are pleased to offer additional services to help you get the most out of your CLERK package, and minimize time spent in front of the computer.

On-site installation/training
Tasks such as selection of appropriate offense & location codes can be a challenge for departments with limited computer experience. Terrier Technologies offers an on-site installation and training package. We will visit your department, install the server software, assist you in configuring the server, and conduct introductory training for your administrator and/or users. [Details]

Regional training
If on-site training is beyond your budget limitations, regional training may be an option. Where demand exists, Terrier Technologies will conduct regional training seminars for local CLERK users. Bringing several departments together reduces travel expenses, with these savings passed on to you. [Details]

Custom data reports
Is your department required to submit forms to a system/county agency? Designing these forms can take a significant amount of time. Terrier Technologies can work with you. Based on your specifications, we can customize CLERK to produce printed or magnetic reports for you to submit. [Details]

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