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Terrier Technologies - Demo software download

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CLERK demo software

"Test drive" CLERK 2 today! The simplest way to get started is with the standalone demo. After downloading and installing the software, just double-click the desktop icon and logon with the username "SYSDBA" and password "masterkey". Important: by downloading, you agree that you are a law enforcement agency and will use this software for evaluation purposes only.

CLERK 2 standalone demo
  • 11.8MB (31 minutes @ 56 Kbps) v2.01b038
  • The standalone demo requires a single computer running Windows NT, 2000 or XP. For instructions on how to use CLERK, see the "Documentation" section below.

    If you would like to run the CLERK server and client on different computers (i.e. using a computer network), you can download the server and client separately:

    CLERK 2 server
  • 5.0MB (13 minutes @ 56 Kbps) v2.01b033

    CLERK 2 client
  • 8.8MB (22 minutes @ 56 Kbps) v2.01b047
  • Documentation

    The CLERK 2 server requires a PC running Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, or Solaris. Chapter 2 of the User's Guide gives instructions for installing CLERK.

    Note: This documentation requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader. If you have questions or encounter difficulties installing CLERK, call our sales department at 1-888-822-3669 ext 1.


    The "demo" software is a fully-functional version of CLERK 2 with the following limitations: Login sessions are limited to 10 minutes (after which CLERK abruptly quits); printouts will be "watermarked". Also, some CLERK plugins will not register in an unlicensed version.

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