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Case report cover sheet

This is what you'd see when CLERK 2's case report module is initially opened.

  1. The navigation sidebar displays a summary of the case report, giving you a synopsis without having to scroll through the whole report. It also allows you to move quickly to a section of the case report.
  2. "Detail" buttons appear throughout CLERK. Here, clicking the Detail button brings up a CAD browser and shows the associated CAD record.
  3. CLERK 2 allows you to add up to ten customized fields to your case reports. In this case, three customized fields are shown.
  4. Report handling shows who is currently responsible for action on a report. It also displays a history of who was assigned to a report over time. Mostly useful when a report requires followup by a CID consisting of two or more people.
  5. The audit trail shows a list of when the case report was modified and by who.
  6. The sidebar buttons: edit mode; cancel changes; new case report; security settings (including report approval); erase report; print report
  7. "Find" bar - type in a case number to go directly to the report.
  8. Forward/back buttons - including a button to go to the last report written by you.

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